Spg Pulai ~ new twister!!!

28 July 2002

Simpang Pulai ~ New Twister !!!



Before time, there was the “cube”!

hehehehe…. that’s the catch phrase from Transformer the movie…. Well, scrummaged through my old folders on the computer and found lots of old rides’ pics…. and after last weekend’s Cameron ride, I sort of wonder why I didn’t have a story on my maiden ride to this now biker’s haven Simpang Pulai – Cameron hiway…. And, I have now forgotten the spicy stories around tis ride which took place seven years ago!  Seven years?  wooowwww…. how time flies…

beareye, 14th July 2009

Anyhow, as always said… picture paints a thousand words….. as I recall, the ride was initiated by Apai…. and he brought along his buddy, Ramzi. I asked Nizamblade if he wanted to join the “fun”…. and he did… So, there we were that bright Saturday morning…. met-up at TNB’s in Bangsar parking area… three CBRs and one heavy machine – Apai’s D1… 🙂


The guys…. obviously happy with the “track”….. L-R:  Ramzi, Apai & Nizam.

This route is still under construction.. and only halfway completed.  So, our ride ends at this location – can’t recall how far this was from Simpang Pulai – but it was a good distance… we really really enjoyed the twisters!

some of us were optimistic that there are paved roads ahead…. thus he chosed towalked and recce… but, no road dude!

So, the next best thing to do was… laze back… chit chat…. and take a good rest before the return leg…. and anotehr round of joyful twisties!

On the way back, we did adetour into Ipoh…. stopping by at Ramzi’s parents’s home…

en-route back to KL, Nizam’s bike sustained a tire-puncture… we managed to temporarily sealed the pucture (used a screw taken out from the front fairing) and the Plus Ronda guys helped with the air….

Exit at Lembah Beringin to mend the puncture at a car workshop…..

~ that’s all folks! ~


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~ as a beareye, 8 Jan 2006 ~



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