the unfinished Banding Ride

18 August 2001

the incomplete Banding Ride…Newbies Venturing Long Distance Ride

This was a rather ambitious plan that I cooked up…. long distance ride without any otais participating to lead the way…Oh yes… all whom signed up had only a couple of years riding experience behind them ~ that included me as well!  But, one consolation is that we were sensible (and brave) enuff…. hehehe…   So, on the fateful Saturday, four friends from BNG (Bikers Net Group) met up at TnR Sg Buloh – Faizal (SRAD), Saleh (Cagiva Raptor), Amrill (ZX6R) and of course yours truly….


This would be the first time that the four of us would ride together… what more long distance…. But fate had it that just after Rawang, Amrill’s bike sustained a broken chain… Being a buddy,he insisted that the rest of us continue while hewaited for rescue… Heavy heartedly, we pushed on…. No pics of Amrill (in pics below, Amril in white shirt – pics taken on a seperate gathering) on this trip…


Not that many pics taken… this is Saleh with his new Cagiva Raptor 650….  I kept asking himif he was ‘okay’ with the ride pace…and he not only convinced me he was more than okay, but he was also always ‘cucuk angin’ me on the road!

We made a  slight detour into Ipoh, meeting up few friends and acquaintances there. They treted us with lunch at anearby restarant…

Of all these acquaintances, the only person I knew was Nizam (standing on my right)… we met in Sepang during the MotoGP…

Thank you Ipoh Bikers!


Ohh.. almost forgot.. the ride was supposed to be an overnight ride to my hometown in Besut… and stopping by at Jeli at one of our (BNG’s) friend’s home- Hairi… its durian season.. and we were really looking forward to a durian feast!  So, after a hefty lunch in Ipoh, we headed towards Kuala Kangsar…  Fuel-up in Grik beforehitting the Tasik Banding “track”…

Salleh, Faizal & me….

“Fun” was in our minds as we hit the east west Hiway…. I was in the lead, Saleh right behind me and Faizal at the back…  Few minutes into the awesome twisties, I lost sight of the oher two fellas behind me… Then.. out of nowhere, Faizal swooshed by me… wowwww… that guy’s realy fast!  I tried to follow… but… he’stoo fast for me… hehehehe…. On the other hand, I feltthat I should wait for Saleh… while I reduced my speed…. I still didn’t see Saleh… even after going down to second gear!

Not long after, my worst fear came true…  As I was about to stop and wait by the roadside, a car passed by and the people inside shouted “kawan awak jatuh belakang sama la…..” At that insance, my immediate reaction was topray that nothing serious had happen…. let it be just a simple spill or a case of overshot….

Arriving at the scene, Saleh was already lying on the roadside after he was helped by passers-by (a bus actually stooped and the passengers helped).  His raptor was still in the monsoon drain… Blood was still coming out from his shin… and it seemed that his shin-guard was puntured by something… the bike’sfootrest maybe…. anyway, we quickly bandanged the whole thing (fearing that bones might have been broken)… and started to make plans on taking Saleh to a clinic or hospital.. whichever was the nearest.  at that instance, a car stopped (apparently he was on his way to Koa Baru, but made a u-turn us to help.. jazakallah!)  and took Saleh to Grik Hospital.  Faizal and me stayed back to organise Saleh’s bike… And we managed to hail a lorry just for that…. the bike made its way to Ipoh- I called our friends earlier to receive he bike and take it to a bike shop….

As for Saleh…. when faizal and I arrived at the Grik Hospital…. he was being treted in the emergency ward…. a quick check at the counter gave us a relief…. no broken bones.. just slit tendons.. and that was fixed in no time by the attending medics….alhamdulillah….

While waiting for Saleh undergoing treatment, we posed… 🙂

and the two remaining bikes…..

And that was that…. after Saleh came out from his treatment (had few stitches!), the only thing that we could do wasto head back home…. So, Saleh pillioned on my bike (as Faizal’s a single seater….)  And we had to do a bit of consolation with Saleh’s wife…. bt all was well… and we became wiser…..


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