Ronda Ronda Melaka

14 Feb 2000

Prior to the millenium, I was based in Pasir Gudang Johor. While there, Ahad and Nizam were (and still are) two close biker friends. Though we have had few rides together, I did not record (on camera) any of them. Sometimes in mid-1999, I was transfered to the Klang Valley. And while we were far apart, that did not stop us from getting together for rides. This Melaka trip, we met up at Ayer Keroh toll gate ~ me from KL while Nizam and Ahad came up from JB.

There were no destination - it was just a casual ride around Melaka. Somehow, we ended up in Dahlan's parents home somewhere near Pengkalan Balak. He was there for the weekend, but we missed him as he went out to sea for fishing trip.

The Full Story and Pictures Here


Me and Nizam, and Ahad and Nizam resting it out at Dahlan’s parents home

Ahad, our ‘sifu‘ and a polished ‘otai‘ (old-timer) in biking, was a big driving influence for the two of us. As this is written, he has slowed down in the biking activities due to ‘health’ reasons. But I think its because since I moved to KL and Nizam had also moved to Perling (athough still in Johor but quite a distance from Pasir Gudang) he has no more biking buddies!

Ahad in various “posing” ~ and his BMW R1100RT


Melaka offers many twisties, but the down side is that these roads run through kampungs and villages. And with such roads, danger lurks everywhere ~ with kids on bicycles on the roadside, cars coming out of nowhere and the likes. Somehow, the scenery and the serenity made this ride an enjoyable one in its own respect.

The day trip was definitely an enjoyable and relaxed experience. Our last stop for the day was Ahad’s parents home in downtown Melaka’s Bandar Hilir. After having meals prepared by his mom, we made our way back to oyr respective homes – Ahad and Nizam in Pasir Gudang and me in Shah Alam…

The bikes a-resting while the the riders were inside eating!


Some stills of bikes – mine and Nizam’s


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