Maiden Solo Ride

2 Dec 1999

Maiden Solo Ride on the Blade

My CBR…. bought mid-1999 second-hand from Sdr Sugeng in Selayang.  Powerful mean machine… thus, my rides have been ‘local’ since I took possession of her.  Get-to-know your bike kinda ride….

Anyhow, school holidays end of 1999 the family, as wenormally do, would travel back to our sleepy hollow hometown in Besut.  I thought it would be nice to take this bike home.  Som, there we were, me solo on the bike while the wife and family drove the family car – CRV at the time.  Good thing we had my cousin, Saiful, to assist in the driving part… 🙂

Well, this really was a very mild ride as I ‘struggled’ to ‘keep up’ with the car… so, mostly rode within the national speed limit… hehehehehe…

A lot of photo-turnity riding the speed (average 120km/h)… but must say that its bo..rrr…ingggg…. 🙂

Well, we arrived home safely… and I actually left the bike in my brother’s care in Besut for a couple of months… almost three months before taking it back to our home in Taman Pendamar Indah, Kelang…

~ as a beareye, 8 Jan 2006 ~


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